Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Faculty Advisors

Nicholas Davis, Ph.D.
Enzymology and cell biology of protein palmitoylation

Thomas Kocarek, Ph.D.
Regulation of hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes by xenobiotics and by endogenous intermediates of lipid metabolism

Lawrence Lash, Ph.D.
Mechanisms of nephrotoxicity; approaches to prevent or correct nephrotoxicity

Xiangyi Lu, Ph.D.
Cilium-mediated signaling mechanisms and diseases; environmental and epigenetic effects on cilial motility; Drosophila genetics

Raymond Mattingly, Ph.D.
Physiological roles and pharmacological significance of small GTPases of the Ras superfamily

Roy McCauley, Ph.D.
Ischemia/reperfusion injury

Kamiar Moin, Ph.D.
Role of cysteine proteases and their endogenous inhibitors in tumor progression and metastasis ; confocal microscopy

John Reiners, Jr., Ph.D.
Role of lysosomes in autophagy and cell death pathways, and as a target in cancer chemo- and photodynamic therapy

Douglas Ruden, Ph.D.
Understanding how early exposures to environmental toxicants such as lead affect genome-wide DNA methylation and histone modifications

Melissa Runge-Morris, M.D.
 Molecular regulation and physiological functions of the cytosolic sulfotransferase drug-metabolizing enzymes

Stanley Terlecky, Ph.D.
Peroxisome biogenesis and function in human health, disease, and aging

Gan Wang, Ph.D.
DNA repair and genetic instability; gene expression regulation; mechanism of cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy

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