Journal Club

Journal Club (PHC 7700)- Winter 2016

Graduate Student presentations of current journal articles

Presentations: Research papers selected for discussion should be from a recent issue of an upper tier journal (e.g. Cell, Mol. Cell. Biol., EMBO J., Nature, Science, etc.) and preferably authored by one of the departmental seminar speakers during the current semester. Papers and a review that will provide sufficient background should be posted on the Departmental website at least 5 days prior to your presentation and also distributed by list.serv to Pharmacology faculty and other students. Class discussions will be initiated and led by the student who selected the paper using a roundtable format that involves all of the students.

Critiques: You may critique any paper presented during the current semester. The critique should be 2 – 3 pages. It should include a summary of the research and a recapitulation of the authors conclusions (about 1 page). The review of the paper (1-2 pages) should include an assessment of the significance of the work, of its experimental validity and of the validity of the authors’ interpretation. The presentation should not be critiqued.

Schedule: This schedule is flexible and changes can be made tomorrow if warranted.

Course Director: Dr. Bonnie F. Sloane

Date Speaker, Title and References
Jan 6 Organizational Meeting
Jan 20 Fausto Varela
Jan 27 Rebecca Farr
Feb 24 Joanna Miller
March 2 Sarah Dubaisi
March 9 Gorica Ristic
March 30 Danielle Meyer
April 20 Jesse Blount


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