Alexis Wilson

Alexis Wilson

Cancer Biology Ph.D. Student (4th Year)

Alexis Wilson

Office Address

6312 Scott Hall

Office Phone

(313) 577-0941


I am currently a member of Dr. Izabela Podgorski's lab.


B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology, Grand Valley State University

Areas of Research

Tumor microenvironment, discovering druggable targets for metastatic prostate cancer in the bone, tumor cell-adipocyte crosstalk role in prostate cancer progression in bone.

Awards and Honors

F31 Fellowship: 1F31CA284576-01.


Wilson, A., Garmo, L.C., and Podgorski, I. Interplay between fat cells and immune cells in bone: Impact on malignant progression and therapeutic response. Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2022;238:108274.

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