Samantha Heldman

Samantha Heldman

Pharmacology Ph.D. Student (4th year)

Samantha Heldman

Office Address

2111 Integrative Biosciences Center (IBio)
2nd floor, Desk 2118 V-12

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I am currently a member of Dr. Christopher Kassotis' lab. 


I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Life Science Teacher Certification at Texas A&M University.

Areas of Research

The Kassotis Lab focuses on understanding endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and mixtures, and their potential impacts on human/animal health - with a particular focus on metabolic health (e.g. obesity, etc.).

We use a mixture of cell culture mechanism assays, coupled with zebrafish models, to characterize molecular mechanisms underpinning potential impacts of EDCs on human and animal health.
My project focuses on characterizing the endocrine and metabolism disrupting potential of liquid crystal monomers, which are essential components of the liquid crystal displays in many of our favorite screens.


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