Department Leadership

Sokol V. Todi, Ph.D.





Andrew Garrett, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Officer







Lindsay Geibig
Department Administrator

Contact me with questions about:
-Pre & Post Award
-HR (except GRAs)
-GRA tuition payments for research staff, technicians & all other students


Delana M. Knighton
Secretary IV

Contact me with questions about: 
-Ordering (Wayne Buy, IRBs, etc.)
-Room scheduling
-Transportation arrangement for guests
-Food arrangement for department events
-All other questions/issues and I will direct you to the proper person! 


James E. Jackson, M.F.A., M.A.
Academic Services Officer III

Contact me with questions about: 
-HR (GRA renewal only)
-Student admissions
-Grading questions/services
-Student progress
-GRA tuition payments (GRA students)


Cindy Peters
Part-Time Administrator